In The Games Corner – Last Action Hero, Sega Genesis

Today we look at a computer game that was created because it came from a film – Last Action Hero was based on the film of the same name and was released in 1993. It was developed by Bits Studio and it was published by Sony Imagesoft Psygnosis.

The game follows the same narrative as the film and is also an action genre based game. The single player game is a side scrolling action packed computer game where you have strict time limits on each level to complete it. It is a side scroller where you have the ability to fight criminals, drive cars, all in the format of a platform game. Throughout the game there are levels that are all about the car chase and they reflect the film – one of them happens in Jack Slater’s ‘movie’ world and the other chase happens in Danny Madigan’s ‘real world’.

Rich Robinson, an executive producer at Sony Imagesoft oversaw the filming of Last Action Hero so that the adaption of the computer game reflected the film as much as possible. The Film studio Columbia also paid a lot of attention to the development of the game to make sure that it stayed on track, they even included stills from the film to help out.

Even with the help of the film studios, the game received a lot of negative reviews, people found the game predictable and a repeat of a lot of games before it. Some people even went to say it was the ‘worst game ever’.

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