In The Games Corner – Pengo, Atari 2600

Today we look at a game that has a legacy behind it as well as it had games that date back all the way to the early eighties and even had a remake in 2010. Pengo was originally an arcade game machine and the first gaming system it went onto was Atari 2600.

Pengo was developed by Coreland and published by Sega, it was originally released in 1982. The game is based in the form of an arcade machine type game play – you use a joystick and a button to control Pengo around the maze. The aim of the game is to destroy all the Sno-Bee in every maze. You can only destroy the Sno-Bees by sliding ice blocks at them, crushing the eggs and running over them.

The game also works on a time based race as well that if you complete the level at different times you are rewarded with different things.  . If the player eliminates every Sno-Bee in less than 60 seconds you then gain bonus points. However if you are still alive in the level after two minutes without losing a life then all the Sno-Bees become blobs. It will lead to the blobs speeding up and the player trying to destroy them.

There are 16 levels in total and there was two different versions of the arcade game, and they both came with different music including Popcorn.

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