INTERVIEW: How Eva Von Schnippisch Saved Hollywood

With the Vault Festival in full swing, there are a lot of shows on offer for you to go an see. One of the shows that is on this week is none other than Eva Von Schnippisch a show written and performed by Stephanie Ware. Her last show won the Spirit of the Festival award and it was a hit at Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. The Cabaret star is returning to the stage with her brand new show How Eva Von Schnippisch Saved Hollywood. I caught up with the character of Eva to find out all about the show from her perspective.

How Eva Von Schnippisch Saved Hollywood



Date: Wednesday 19 February 

Location: Crescent – The Vaults, Leake Street

Price:  £13

Time: 9.15pm

Ticket Link: click here for tickets


Hello Eva, tell us all about who you are and three unknown facts about yourself!

I’m Germany’s greatest cabaret star-turned British agent… Three unknown facts:

I single-handedly won WWII (ousted in mein last show)

I’m statistically ze Vorld’s No.1 Spy

I vunce ate 11 pretzels in vun sitting… large vans!


How did the show come about?

Well it’s ze next exciting feminist adventure of mein life after ze story of me single-handedly vinning WWII. It’s ein natural progression, from the 40s into ze 50s und 60’s….


How did you get into performing comedy?

I’m Germany’s greatest cabaret star, comedy flows through my veins…. my funny bone constantly aches!!


You are performing at Vault Festival this week! What are you looking forward to most about it?

Ze general Festival atmosphere of Vault Festival is fantastiche, ze bars, ze food, ze crowds of fabulous theatre goers! Plus ze Festival staff are just excellent, I cannot vait! But mostly ze sing I’m most looking forvard to is ze look on ze audiences faces during a certain scene in mein new show!!!!


It sounds like a very fun show to be a part of. What are your favourite things about it?

Ze songs by Oliver Collier are just amazing! Plus there’s some wunderbar lyrics by Grant Cunningham. Mein director Michelle Roche helped me put ze show togezzer … und zhen ze legendary ‘Dark Clown’ innovator und award vinning physical theatre director Peta Lily really pulled out ze funnies… it is a very fun show ja?!


Did you have to do a lot of research of the Golden Age of Hollywood to prepare for the show?

Nein, not really…I mean zis vos mein life! Ze dark truth about Hollywood is zhat secrets are ALVAYS coming out… still to zis day. I mean look at ze death of Kirk Douglas today on ze 5th February. At first glance ein Hollywood legend. Do some research into vot he did to a beautiful 16 year old Natalie Wood in ein Hotel Suite in 1955… und suddenly ze ‘legend’ becomes a ‘rat’. God finally did some ‘Pest Control’ zhere. Vot I’m saying is, you can do ALL ze research you like… zhere are still plenty of dirty horrid secrets to come out…


Who do you find are your inspirations from this era when you are stepping on stage?

You’re thinking Marlene Dietrich aren’t you?! Well it’s not! I taught zhat b***h everything she knows! I’m more of ein Katherine Hepburn und Greta Garbo kind of ein vomman…. if you know vot I mean?! 😉


How did you get into performing cabaret?

Vhen I vos 15 I got my first job at ein Oompah-Bar singing traditional German songs every hour… on ze hour!! After zhat ze stage became mein home.


It is the month of February! What are three things you love about performing comedy?

It makes people laugh

It makes me laugh

It’s better zhan crying


It is also a new decade. What would you like to see happen to comedy in the next 10 years?

I vould like to see people get ein little less sensitive… ve are in a place vhere comedians are constantly vorried about offending someone und it’s crushing zheir creativity. Comedy is supposed to push some buttons, it’s supposed to get people fired up. I’m not talking about needlessly mean comedy – because zhere’s no need for that…. I’m just saying zhat it’s ok for a bit of light mockery of absolutely everyvun! Don’t take things so personally! Vhen I see comedians taking ze ‘micky’ out of ze German sterotype it makes me laugh because ve ARE like zhat!!! Haha!


How do you warm up before a show?

Cuban cigar, glass of brandy… und ein packet of Haribo (Starmix preferably, Tangfastics vill do too though)


What have been some of your favourite shows to play so far this year and why?

Voila Europe Theatre Festival – anything pro European at ze moment is greatly appreciated! Check it out und support it next year Ja?! Uzzer zhan zhat zhere have been no uzzers – zis show is SO NEW JA?! After VAULT Festival it os going to Brighton Fringe on 21/22 May at ze Komedia (tickets on sale now) und zhen to Edinburgh Fringe ve hope.



If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?

Follow me ja, I’m funny! Give me ze FB thumbs up!

@VonSchnippisch on Twitter


 And Finally in three words – Why should people come and see the show?

Only three? Wow tough… ok, come because it’s: BIGGER, BOLDER & BRAVER!







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