For The Love of Music – Day 5 – Angel Of Deaf

Every year in February I try to think of new things that I can discuss around the theme of love because let’s not be ignorant, it is that month AND it is a leap year – that’s meant to be special right?! Last year we celebrated the fact that the best things comes in twos and looked at the word of Twoprov (not as couples but the way the comedy format is stealing and owning the stage), we have also looked at the comedy film and comedy as a whole! This year we head to the world of music.

Some of the songs I love are not necessarily my favourite songs, instead I find this is a sort of completely different topic all on it’s own. A song that I really love must do a few things to me – firstly make me smile because of the experience of listening to it whilst also making me feel a lump in my throat. All of these songs that I talk about over the next 29 days are songs I really do love and adore and I think their music construction, lyrics and song as a whole are wonderful.

At the start of this paragraph I said that these songs may not be my favourites – well that is true, whilst some may be ones that are, there are ones that are not but that does not mean I truly respect them as songs and these songs make me happy and sad at the same time I know they are in a completely different category and that is what the difference is.

Day 5 – Angel of Deaf, Matt Skiba and the Sekrets 


Why This song?

The reason I love this song is the simplicity and how strong it is. The one thing Matt Skiba is fantastic at is Lyric writing and the fact that the music is so pulled back it means that you can really hear them. The stripped back style of the song also emphasises the emotion in the song and sort of creates a dark and bittersweet emotion for the listener which is lovely to hear. It progresses as it goes along to build up but it is ever so slightly and that is why it is so effective.

Why do you love this song?

I adore playing this on the guitar and keyboard, whilst the chords and melody may be simple you can feel the emotion as you play it and that is what I adore about it. It is in my top three favourites of Matt Skiba and the Sekrets work. The thing that I also find a really huge effect on the song is the bassline at the end. You think the song is finished but for a good 2 minutes there is a silent hollow of a low string sound and whilst it’s distant it really creates impact on the song as a whole. Overall though, this song really highlights the talents of Matt Skiba as a musician, he takes something simple and heightens it into a poetic musical melody which can paradox darkness and beauty so well.

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