Welcome To Improbotics Month!

This month is a very exciting one as we are going to be looking at the world of improv and how it can interact with the world of AI. Improbotic is an improvised theatre experience that brings both sciene and improvisation together.

Improbotics was co-created by robot researchers Piotr Mirowski in the UK and Kory Mathewson in Canada. Since then it has developed and built over time others have jumped onto the creation with Drama Director Jenny Elfving heading up Sweden and Science Communicator Ben Verhoeven being the latest addition to the group in Belgium.

Over the next few weeks we will hear all about Improbotics from Piotr about how the idea came about and behind the scenes of a show. We will also be speaking to Ben in Beligum as they debut this month in Belgum and we will also be talking to Sarah Davies who is an improviser who was recruited to perform as part of the show.

There is a lot to talk about with a few announcements along the way, including one that we are proud to announce today that Improbotics are headlining our next Phoenix Remix Live! on March the 10th! To reserve tickets then click the image below. 

facebook event cover

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