REVIEW: Courteneers, PRYZM, Kingston

It is a ballsy move to have your walk on music at your own gig be an Oasis song but that is exactly what the Courteneers did at their early show last night. Before they walked on stage and the sounds of What’s The Story Morning Glory echoed around the venue, the audience were electric and singing at the top of their lungs all the words, eager to see the band that they were all here to see. I have never seen a band have a walk on song that wasn’t theirs but it weirdly worked and it worked really well.

The Courteneers were in Kingston at the PRYZM to celebrate the release of their brand new album Me. Again. Forever.  – the sixth studio album by the group. Right from the first song the venue was alive with energy and the fans were already on the top of shoulders raising flags and jumping around. This band enter the room to make their sounds heard and they are welcomed strongly with a huge response.

courteneers e

photo credit: Bartolo Creations

The whole hour set was electric, full of a entertaining and fun light display that contrasted against the strong guitar riffs and bold drum beats. This is a band that don’t just perform really well live they leave an impact as well. In between the songs the hardcore fans were chanting and singing lyrics back to them of songs they were desperate to hear.

Before I saw this band live, I had seen on social media that there was praise for how well this group perform live and I wanted to see it in the flesh to see if the hype lived up to the reality. It really did. Every song was performed so well and the way they interact with their instruments on the stage as well as the fans is a really fun thing to watch. If you are at a festival and this band play – go and see them, they will not disappoint.


RATING: **** 4 Stars 

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