Improv Corner – Say What You Feel

In improv it can be very easy and sometimes there is a lazy improviser in all of us that means that we can sometimes say things in a scene just to aim for that cheap laugh or say something because you know that it is going to get a laugh from the audience. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that saying what you actually feel is sometimes far more important.

Why is it important to say what you feel in a scene instead of going for the easy option?

Some of the most effective improv comes when you stick to the truth that is true to you, as close as possible. If you are put in a scene and situation and you feel something coming on that you feel is true to what you could say in that situation – then go for it. Sometimes saying what you really feel can create a stronger scene as you are playing your truth.

Sometimes it is important to get into character and think like the role you are playing on stage – thinking like the character means you should start feeling how the character would respond to situations and saying things how they feel can also create a strong scene.

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