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The Travel Book – Zoo de Lyon, Lyon, France

If you are in Lyon, France then it would only be natural to head to the park once you have visited some of the beautiful areas of the city. There is a lot to see but if you are there more then 48 hours you may find that you want to walk around a place away from the hustle and bustle of the town.


In the Parc de la Tete d’or, the 6th arrondissement of Lyon there is a Zoo de Lyon that is free entry and home to some really interesting creatures. The park itself is pretty big so i do recommend walking around and looking at that as well but that is a whole different article so we will revisit that later this year.

The zoo is a home of conservation and was founded in 1858 by Claude-Marius Vaisse, the zoo has grown over time and now is the home to 300 animals and 66 species. It is a place that prides itself in being a global chain for conservation ( or “Le Zoo de Lyon, un maillon de la chaîne mondiale pour la conservation” as the homepage on the website puts it. )

Even though the zoo is free entry ( with the opportunity to give a gratuity if you so wish) it is home to some wonderful animals. For me, I adored the enclosures with the monkeys – there was lots of space for them to jump about tree to tree and they were fascinating to watch as they had babies with them as well. The lioness was wonderful to see however, it is the first time I have come to a lion enclosure that didn’t have a metal rail. Even though there is a very high wall and a huge water around her island it was very unusual not to see a cage rail.


All in all, it is quite a nice zoo – the enclosures are big for the animals and they seemed quite relaxed; there is a varied amount of species that you can look at and when you have finished you can walk around the park and the botanics.

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