The Single Sessions – Simmer, Hayley Williams

Welcome the feature where we look at new singles coming onto the music scene. Today we look at the latest single by Hayley Williams.

Right off the bat this is a different sound from Paramore frontwoman, it has a heavy bassline and heavy breathing in the first couple of bars of the song which starts the song off with a more of a indie style of rock. It is important to note that the breath is used throughout the song and it creates a eery style to the song especially as it comes in after the chorus ends or repeats again.

The song predominantly focuses on low key bassline and guitar melodies to reflect the emotion depicted in the lyrics and the darkness that some of them connote. If you really listen to the lyrics you will notice that they are pretty powerful and reflect some of the issues that are happening in the world at the moment, this song feels a bit like it was inspired by some of these really important issues, I don’t know if it was but powerful either way.

Musically, this song is raw and focuses on an electric sound that people who are a fan of paramore will not be used to. It’s an interesting for Hayley and it will be interesting to see what the album sounds like later this year.

Listen to if you like: Florence and The Machine, Radiohead, the S.L.P, Montaigne

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