INTERVIEW: Celebrate The Luna New Year With Comediasians

This week, a very special show is happenign at the Etcetera Theatre Club in Camden – for one night only the improv troupe Comediasians are taking over the night to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a fantastic line up. I caught up with member Bruce to find out all about it.

The Lunar New Year Special with the Comediasians

comediasians logo

Date: 22nd January

Location: Etcetera Theatre Club

Price:  £6 + booking fee

Time: 7pm

Ticket Link: click here for tickets

Hello Bruce tell us all about the Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year is celebrated by a lot of different East Asian cultures, countries such Vietnam, China and Korea all have their own takes. For the most part, it’s about the end of the coldest days and going into spring. The date changes every year because it’s not based on the Gregorian calendar but the lunar calendar. This year it’s on the 25th January and if you look at the moon, it’ll be massive and yellow. There are loads of traditions, spring cleaning the day before to get rid of last year’s bad luck, handing out red envelopes for prosperity and of course, a whole lot of eating!

Comediasians are doing something special for it as well! Tell us about that!

To celebrate we’re hosting a Lunar New Year special! We’ve got a night at the Etcetera Theatre with stand-up, music and improv – and all performers will be of East-Asian descent!

How did you get into improv?

I got into improv through listening to improv podcasts such as Comedy Bang! Bang!. I’m a big fan of long-form and I had to be a part of that insanity.

What three things are you looking forward to about performing in this show?

I’ve seen Ginnia Cheng’s stand-up many times and her insightful takedowns of how race can affect relationships is hilarious.

We’ve also got The Mollusc Dimension as our musician. He is very talented on the piano and has blown me away with his ability to change his music on the fly alongside our improv.

I must mention my fellow improvisers who without, I would not be able to do this show. They have been extremely helpful and supportive with this and ultimately, I’m so glad there’s a space for Asian performers to get together for a night like this.

 It is the month of January! What are your new year improv resolutions for this year?

Play a character who is the furthest from who I am in real life.

It is a new decade – what would you like to see happen to improv in the next 10 years?

The UK improv scene is growing and I can only hope it continues to grow!

How do you warm up before a show?

Getting loud and getting physical.

What have been some of the best suggestions that you have been given in a show and why?

We were given the suggestion of “exercise” which had named and shamed all the members of my group who don’t exercise. It was very funny.

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?

@comediasians on all the things. @brucetango on Instagram and @_brucetang on twitter!

And Finally in three words – Why should people come and see the show?

East Asians represent!

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