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Review: Bombay Bicycle Club, Album Release Show, PRYZM

It’s the night before album release and Bombay Bicycle Club are holding not one but two small gigs to celebrate and the release. This is an album that fans have waited for a while and they are very excited for it to be released (which it is out  today) how do I know this? I spoke to hardcore fans at the first show and they were bursting with excitement to hear new music.


I was at the first show and the hour long set was a mix of new songs off the album that haven’t been heard yet and classic hits as well. Opening the show with Eat Sleep Wake, as soon as the band approach the stage their present is felt. Whilst they don’t really talk much to the audience their performance on stage is enough to make up for it, they are a talented band and use a lot of instruments for each song which creates a great experience on stage. Even the musicians in the background such as the percussionist, you can tell they feel the music and truly believe in what they are playing because their dancing is on point to the beat.

A lot of people don’t tend to like gigs where music you hear is song your haven’t heard before but the fans were welcoming them with arms wide open and responded to these songs just as huge as they did for the songs they know. Out of the new songs one of the highlights was the song named the same as the album, everything Else Has Gone Wrong – it has a very unique style and the musical interludes throughout the song are punchy and dramatic whilst also a strong addition to the bands catalogue.

This is a fun band to see live, they perform really well, feel their own music apart from playing them and seeing that point when they connect with the audience is pretty special.




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