The Phoenix Remix Live! – INTERVIEW – Jen Strike

On the 14th January, The Phoenix Remix is hosting it’s first ever live show and over the next few weeks we sit down with some of the acts that are performing at the show to find out more about them and what they have in store for the audience. Today we talk to stand up comedian Jen Strike

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Hello Jen tell us about yourself and three unknown facts!

Hi there I’m Jen Strike . My 3 facts are : I lived in Japan for a couple of years ; I once slept in a giant shoe ( an advertising hoarding in Gateshead ) and my stepmum has an MBE and has a gold medal from the Athens Paralympics.

You are performing at the first ever Phoenix Remix Live how are you feeling about it?

I am incredibly excited . The Phoenix Remix is a bit of an institution already and its an honour to have been asked .

What do you have in store for the audience as part of your set?

I will be sharing some tales of my life , which its fair to say hasn’t exactly been standard . There will be tales of love and police raids .

Why did you decide to do the show?

I wanted to support the Phoenix Remix and think that a live show is great as its going to bring together many aspects of entertainment that I love to read about . Also it’s a brilliant cause .

what are some of your favourite parts of the Phoenix Remix website and why?

I love reading the reviews of course , but there is a wealth of other interesting stuff . I really like forgotten pop to remember some of those gems from the past . As an improviser I also love the improv diaries as I find that it often covers topics I’ve been mulling over myself

How do you warm up for a Show?

I just tend to read over my notes a bit and try to relax . If I’m on after other acts I try to relax and enjoy them whilst getting a feel for the room .

how do you get inspiration for the jokes you write?

My styles at the moment is mostly anecdotal / storytelling and I have discovered a wealth of material just from things that have happened to me over the years.

it is the month of January what are your new years resolutions for your improv this year?

My new years resolutions are to do more long form in my home town and continue to build the midlands network . I’m really proud of some of the work that the SupHer ( this is how we type it ) group is doing to empower female improvisers to get on stage and have found every experience with them so far to be joyous . So definitely more of that. Tiny Stories are going form strength to strength and we have had a wonderful time touring the country . I also started to work on a two prov format with the wonderful Hannah Platts so Imam hoping we get to do more of that as well as keeping my short form comedy skills up with Box of Frogs and The Same Faces .


The show is also raising money for charity Arts 4 Dementia – why should people donate?

Sadly, dementia is likely to affect most people’s lives at some point. My uncle has severe early onset dementia and it’s an incredibly cruel condition that takes away the relationships of a person and their loved ones. With cuts to services happening all over the country it falls upon the good work of charities like this to support people with dementia and their loved ones. It’s a win win if you come to the show as you are getting a great night of entertainment and the money is going to help someone who really needs it .

If people want to find out more about you where can they find you on social media?

I am on twitter/ Instagram and facebook as @jenstrikecomedy

My teams are @thesamefaces @boxoffrogsimpro @tinystories

Three Words why people should come to phoenix remix Live?

Laughter kills sadness

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