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The Travel Book – Make Travel New Years Resolutions…

It’s a brand new year and that means that a whole new 12 months to go travelling and see more locations, however, travel is not all about keeping resolutions about where you want to travel to, it is also about setting guides about what you should do for you to make travel more of a fun and relaxing experience. Here are some of my resolutions to making going away more awesome in 2020.

1) Do more 360 photos – I have a fantastic app for this that my Latvian friend told me abotu years ago, however the problem is that I constantly forget to use it unless I am at somewhere simply stunning. With the world starting to pick up pace with their interest in virtual reality my aim is to try and do more abroad and even delve into 360 editing at some point.

2) Try the new baggage arrival service – When going away at Christmas we came across this new service that British Airways was supplying where they pick up your luggage at home and make sure that it delivers you bag to your country without all the hassle of commuting it to the airport. Considering that I don’t drive it can be so annoying going to the airport with lots of luggage so the fact there is a new service that helps out could be interesting.

3) Try something new food wise – When I go abroad I always try to test out the local food, sometimes by accident due to misunderstanding the menu or not knowing because of a language barrier. Due to this I have eaten Yak by accident in Sweden (that was ok) and brain and stomach lining in France (both were horrible). I want to test out new stuff but sometimes its being daring that is the hardest thing.

4) Keep The Tickets – I sort of already do this as I scrap book my travels but sometimes I find old tickets months later and then have nowhere to put them in my scrapbook. So this year I want to

5)  Say Yes to Comfort – When you travel with someone you are all up and energetic to make sure that you focus on the best things in life but when you travel alone you tend to forget these little comforts. So the times I do travel by myself, near or far, I am going to make sure I do it in style.


What are your Travel resolutions?

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