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Happy New Year From The Phoenix Remix!

Happy New Year To All Of Our Readers!

A new Decade means some new changes on The Phoenix Remix but more about that in a minute! Last year we had our record amount of readers and interviews and this year we are aiming as always to reach for the stars and bring you lots more content to read as well as many interviews as we can in 12 months! So firstly I want to start off the new year by thanking you for taking the time reading this website and getting invovled, if it wasn’t for you, this site it would not exist or push me to make it as good as I can so THANK YOU!

So let’s tell you what we have in store for 2020:

New Writers:

First off we start the year welcoming a bunch of new writers – some will be writing reviews, others will be writing articles and some will be doing something completely different! Throught the year you will notice new names popping up so please lets welcome them all now and I look forward to see what they write!

 New Articles :

At the end of last year long running articles such as Question Roulette came to a natural end so we are replacing that particular section of the website with a brand new feature called Media Madness! All will be revealed on the 7th January but if you are a fan of Question Roulette I think you will like this too.

Media Madness

New article coming January 2020

There will also be another brand new article starting as well. I have always promised myself that i will write about my passions but there is one that I am not talking about a lot here that I now want to and that is editing. As a career I work in television as an editor but every one has a beginning and how they started and for me it was music that really welcomed me to the world of Editing. So every month I am going to be taking a look at music videos that have had a real impact on me from different bands and why they are so special metaphorically and visually.

help me 2

Alkaline Trio Music Video Month Coming February 2020

Comedy Clicks is still going to be a regular feature however both Comedy Clicks and Comedy Clicks USA Edition are going to be combined into one feature that will go ut on Wednesdays at 12:30pm.

This year we will aim to bring you more reviews of theatre, comedy and music shows as well as interviews from the acts as well. Whilst this website will be predominanlty aimed at improv, we are going to bring a few more other topics to light along the way as well.

Video Content:

I am a Video Editor and Motion Graphics Deisgner who has experience of filming and I am delighted to announce that this year The Phoenix Remix is filming content! We have a lot of fun topics already in the works and will be releasing more information soon. The videos are going to be focussed on different areas of improv – so keep an eye out.

The Phoenix Remix Live 2020

New Project (5)

We are starting off the year with our first every live show! Yes, if you haven’t heard already we are taking over Hoopla Impro At The Miller ( 96 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SS0 ) with some fantastic acts, quizzes and so much more to raise money for Arts4Dementia

New Project (1)

What Can We Do For You? 

Finally, to keep building as a source of news for the improv and music community we need you! If you have a show you want to be interviewed for then drop us a line. If you have a theatre production, album, gig, show, or improv show you want reviwed then drop us a line. If you feel there is something that this website is missing and you wish there was more of – drop us a line. This website wouldn’t be what it is without it’s readers so this year we want to make it a more community based place and make it more a website you want to read!

Drop us an email at to have your say

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