In the Games Corner At Christmas- Daze Before Christmas, Sega Megadrive

Today we look at a computer game that was developed by a Norweigan video company called Funcom. Daze Before Christmas was released in 1994 for the Sega Megadrive – it was published by Sunsoft and was a single player platform game.

The game is based around Father Christmas as he has to save the festive season from an evil mouse that has stolen all the presents from children and has also cursed them all. In this game he has to use his magic powers to fight off different enemies in every levels including living snowmen and moving toys to help save humainty.

Throughout the platform levels, ther are many christmas presents that are scattered around that could be filled with a variety of things such as good things such as bells or power ups to bad titems such as enemies or bombs. The keep your energy levels high you have to collect Christmas hats that are scattered around the level. The highlight of the game is the fact that if you drink a cup of tea you turn into Evil Santa and this version of him is invicible and he defeats enemies by hitting them with his sack.

This is our last look at Chrsitmas games this year but it is nice to see the fun and creatvitity that developers have used through time.

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