A Taste Of British – Christmas Edition – The Christmas Pizza

Welcome to this month’s feature – we always look at the weird and wonderful snacks and fast food of America. Well, for Christmas we are going to have a look at some of the bizarre things that have hit the United Kingdom over the years as Christmas themed foods. Today we head over to London.

british taste


Christmas-Pizzas-1Everyone likes food when it is designed to be eaten in an easy format and in a fast turnaround – however, how would you feel about having a whole Christmas dinner placed upon a pizza? Well, in 2017, the supermarket Asda introduced and actually did this.

The Asda Christmas Pizza was 450g in weight and could be purchased for £3.50. The pizza was designed for their fresh counter meaning that the customer had the choice to purchase it as a thing and crispy, stone bake or a deep pan. The original version had the toppings of roast potatoes and brussel sprouts on it as well as other flavours. Last years pizza had the toppings of the pizza were turkey, stuffing balls, pigs in blankets and a cranberry drizzle.

Last year the pizza was round however according to an article from the Huffington Post this year it returns shaped like a Christmas Tree to give it the ultimate Christmas feel.

Apparently over the years it has been available there has been a lot of divide of opinion – some people love the concept and find it ideal that you can ‘shove it in the over’ and have the Christmas experience quickly. Others do not like the idea of it at all and find it horrible – however the majority of the reviews were positive.

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