A Taste Of British – Christmas Edition – The Christmas Nugget

Welcome to this month’s feature – we always look at the weird and wonderful snacks and fast food of America. Well, for Christmas we are going to have a look at some of the bizarre things that have hit the United Kingdom over the years as Christmas themed foods. Today we head over to London.

british taste



For those who do not know  a lot about British fast food there is a real cult around the world of Chicken Nuggets. I have no idea how or why it started but it has become a ‘thing’. There are shows like Geordie Shore that film drunk reality stars demanding them (I would like to point out this is not the whole show but it is a running theme) However I do not think that this is what caused this cult following.

In London there is a restaurant called Hawksmoor that is an award winning British Steakhouse that serves up ‘good quality grass fed aged beef.’ Back in 2018 Hawksmoor released a number of different Christmas based food such as Hawksmoor Christmas burger and the one that we are going to talk about today – the Christmas nugget.

So what exactly is a Christmas Nugget? It is a crispy panko crumb in a circular shape filled with turkey thigh, Ginger Pig sausage patty and bacon ( a pig in blanket) wrapped around a melting Ogleshield Cheese core. The nuggets were served with a cranberry ketchup and you could also purchase beef dripping fries or triple cooked chips.

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