A Taste of British – Christmas Edition -Three Course Christmas Pasty

Welcome to this month’s feature – we always look at the weird and wonderful snacks and fast food of America. Well, for Christmas we are going to have a look at some of the bizarre things that have hit the United Kingdom over the years as Christmas themed foods. Today we head over to the supermarket of Morrisons.

british taste



Last year Morrisons took the nations favourite pastry based product and turned it into a Christmas treat. The three course christmas pasty allows you to have a whole meal from starter to dessert in one hand held product all for the price of £1.50.

If you are looking at the pastry straight on, there is an arrow telling you what direction that you need to eat the pasty in to experience this meal in the correct order. The starter side of the pasty is filled with Ardennes Pate mixed with apple chutney and melba toast. The middle section of the pasty is the main course which is a mix of turkey, sage and onion stuffing, potato, pigs in blankets, cranberries all in a cream sauce. The final part of the pasty is the dessert and like all traditional British Christmas Dinner it is Christmas Pudding mixed with Brandy sauce.

There are many mixed reviews online but some were saying that all the flavours mold into one so it can be hard to differentiate where one flavour ends and the other begins. Would you eat this if you had the chance?

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