Improv Diaries – Final Rehearsals and Larry… [Case Study: The Impractical Jokers]

This week we had our final rehearsals  for our Halloween show next week – it is always fun the last few rehearsals as you are focused on what you want the show to be and you are finessing these ideas. We are trying to make all the games a little bit Halloween themed so the main aim to make sure that they work and also see what last minute changes we can make to them.  It was really good and looking forward to the show next week.

The one thing that I want to personally focus on next week when I enter a scene is the Mold, Float and Fly skills I learnt last week and really want to bring them into a show environment to see how I feel.

Sadly I couldn’t go to Lee Simpsons course this week as I was in Bournemouth to see the Impractical Jokers on their UK tour. It was fun to see a different style of improv show – where they didn’t actually do any on the stage. However saying that, some of the videos that they showed really inspired me and that is what today’s case study is all about.

Case Study: Impractical Jokers

impractical jokers

This isn’t going to be a review of the show as you can read it here  however there is a few things that I saw in the show that I found inspiring and one of them particularly was a game they used to play called Make, Take and Fake. It is a game where you take an ideology and then approach it three different ways – make, take and fake.  It was one of the funniest parts of the show and one clip in of Sal I was finding it hard to breathe it was so funny.

It was a great thing to watch and it made me think of improv in a different way – what elements of a game can you take and turn it into a game where you look at it in three different ways. I really enjoyed Impractical Jokers approach and I feel it is one of their best game and the fact it was one of the ones that started them being who they are then that makes it even more special.

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