Improv Diaries – But That’s Not All! [Case Study: American Infomercials]

This week was all about the Hoopla Impro Marathon – once a year, they hold a 48 hour run of improv where you can apply to do sets of themes that you wouldn’t usually do any other time. Last year we did one on the basis of television channels and this year we did one on the ideology of infomercials.

There are so many Punders games that have the capability to be turned into advert type games that we knew automatically what we were going to do with it – we only had ten minutes so we stuck with two games and used them in a show environment.

Before our set was the Yes Land breakfast Jam which was good to use to warm up and also see others play. I enjoy the jam to watch as it is a mix of abilities and you can see how people develop as a lot of the regulars tend to turn up. I was part of a few of the games and it was good to get in the improv zone. Also I really enjoyed the way that Ed and Jay had turned all the themes to focus on breakfast.

Our set went very well – our first game was promoting a made up kitchen utensil that the host was showing to a guest. This guest could only respond in the answers of someones tweets and it was Joey Essexs who funnily enough had definitely been on a cooking show recently as all his responses fitted perfectly. We then finished the set with Greatest Hits with songs about Lamps.

It is always hard to fit a set into such a small time but at the same time we always try and bring a huge amount of energy and try and look at it as a show and that you should always give your best!

Case Study: American Infomercials

This week at the Hoopla Marathon we based our whole set around the sort of infomercials that you get on television – usually in the the UK in the early hours of the morning when no-one is watching a lot of the channels. These American Infomercials are great – even though they are an extended version of an advert they always seem to be full of energy to try and get people to buy the items on sale. It usually includes a few snazzy shots of a product, a one off deal if you watch the advert, interviews with people who have used it and off course the in depth demonstration.

I think these are a great case study for any sort of improv because no matter what the product is, they always have to approach it with energy and enthusiasm and try and sell the product, no matter how great of bad the product is.

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