Life Lessons From Sitcoms – How I Met Your Mother

Welcome to this months feature all about sitcoms and comedies, I watch a lot of them and always have done for as long as I can remember and looking back on them, I have learnt so many life lessons along the way. So I thought why not shine a light on them and share them with the world – some of them are important some of them are silly little things but I think it is always interesting to share. Today’s life lesson comes from – How I Met Your Mother


Life Lesson Learnt: The ‘Supporting’ Character In Your Life Can End Up Being A Big Deal 

I remember the first time I saw How I Met Your Mother and I am sure it used to be on BBC 2 after The Simpsons when it first came to the UK. I thought it was OK but didn’t watch it very much, it wasn’t until years later, I think  it was at university that I started to pay attention to it. I, like a lot of people hated the last series and have so many issues with it that if I wrote all these here, it would be a very long article and completely off topic.

Anyway, through, I think it is season three, I started to realise just how bad Ted Mosby was – how was this characer a lead in this show? It was so flat, he is needy, his storylines are dull and he is also very moany. The best characer by far was Barney Stinson. I adored his humout and the way they developed the character (again ignore the whole last season).

The thing about the whole Barney character set up is that it really sort of reflects how love anf life sort of works – if you take away the fact he is a player and look at the character it almost feels like a metaphor.

Throughout the first few seasons you see Barney as the comical guy, the clown, the person that is there to create the light humour. However, when they change the dynamics and turn him into a love interset you see the character to have aheart and actual feelings that your perception completly changes and you end up adoring him.

This to me sort of reflects myselfg in a metaphorical sense and style of relationship development. I hate modern life in regards to how most people rely on apps and the internet to find partners. I am a traditionalist and prefer getting to know a person and letting feelings develop naturally – which is a pain in modern society…

I feel Barney’s character is a little bit like the traditional way of finding someone you like – a lot of the time people you fall for in life are the least expected. There will be one person who will be your main ‘focus’ in life that you like from a far in a sense and then there is the other that become a regular person in your life who yo are more yourself with because they aren’t your initial eye of affection then all of a sudden something clicks in your head that you actually have feelings for this person that is your ‘friend’.

Then you feel weird because you don’t know how to act around them anymore, you constantly question why you are talking rubbish and why you can’t come across as cool, they constantly pop into your head all the time and you don’t know whether to say anything as it may ruin what you have. You worry that they like all the other girls that they speak to and you are so wrapped up in your feelings you don’t know what to do.

Whilst Barney’s character story goes metaphorically well, sometimes the realisations in these situations are really hard to handle and you just have to play it out and deal with the awkwardness that comes with it….

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