Comedy Book Corner – Squirrel Days, Ellie Kemper

When you think of the characters like Kimmy Schmidt or Erin Hannon you expect the autobiography to be similar to these types of roles – bubbly, energetic and full of fun stories – and the best thing is, Squirrel Days really lives up to the expectations.

If you wanting a book that is really easy to get into and also enjoyable then this is the book for you. Ellie Kemper is an enthusiastic writer and all the stories that she talks about jump right off the page in this electric energy which makes the book go very fast as all you want to do is keep reading it.

The book explores different areas of Ellie’s life including adapting to motherhood, meeting her husband, early ventures into acting and family life. The biggest highlights of the book is hearing stories behind the scenes of The Office US, Bridesmaids and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

This is a fun little read and if you are looking for a book full of fun then this is the one for you

Readability Rating:   8/10 

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