Theatre at Faversham Fringe – INTERVIEW – Left Behind

If you are in Faversham, Kent this week then you are in for an absolute treat. Loosely Woven Theatre are set to debut their debut production that is immersive and set within a disused attic room. The show has already received raving reviews at the Preview with five stars already from audience feedback! Loosely Woven Theatre is founded by Artistic Directors Sarah Davies and Jack Thomson. I sat down with Sarah to find out all about the show that they have in store for audiences this week.

left behind

Left Behind

Dates: 27th-30th August

Time: 12:30pm, 3pm, 7:30pm – check website for certain time and dates

Location: The Alexander Centre

Tickets: Click here


Hello Sarah, tell us all about Loosely Woven Theatre; who you all are and a little bit about yourselves?

As Co-Artistic Directors myself (Sarah Davies) and Jack Thomson, we started working together about a year ago in an arts council funded organisation, and quickly discovered a mutual passion for experimental site specific and immersive theatre. Our combined backgrounds (mine as a playwright, improviser and producer and Jack’s as an actor and director) meant that we had a lot of experience to build on, and so we decided to take the huge leap of setting up our own company! Our aim is to produce bold and exciting new work in unusual locations.

‘Left Behind’ is our debut play and is running in Faverrsham Fringe in Kent from 27th-30th August () The experience is a unique adventure; the audience follow the action round amazingly atmospheric disused attic rooms! In the play, Kelly returns to her estranged deceased mother’s home to clear up, and strange figures and buried tensions hide under dust sheets. The deeper she delves, the more is revealed, until perhaps the house itself will consume her entirely…


How did the show Left Behind come about?

The script started life as a short piece performed at Waterloo East Theatre. It received a 5 star review and some excellent feedback, and I was really keen to develop it further, so we decided to make it happen!


Tell us about the writing process?

In exploring potential performance spaces for our first show, Jack and I came across the breath-taking disused attic in our venue (The Alexander Centre, Faversham) and immediately knew that it would suit the play entirely. Very many rewrites later in direct response to the space, here we are! The writing has been very much influenced by discoveries made along the way, from objects and artefacts found there, to playing with the space and the promenade elements!


How long has is taken for the whole process to go from paper to theatre?

We formed in late December 2018 and auditioned actors in June of this year – so I guess 6 months, much caffeine and a LOT of typing!


Where do you get your inspiration from?

My head is absolutely full of ideas, all of the time! And Jack is the same, which is part of why we work so well together! I’m an avid reader and theatre goer, which helps add to my mental library of references, and I love to imagine different worlds, often swaying towards magic realism and black comedy; I love the idea of slightly impossible things!


Tell us a little bit about the shows that are happening at Faversham Fringe?

There’s a huge variety in this the third year of the Fringe, including comedy, theatre, improvisation, spoken word and even magic! Check out for all the info! I’m also really excited to be bringing our Improv Gym ‘Gym Pass’ show back for a second year, with very special guest Jonathan Pitts, and can’t wait to see improv legends Classic Andy, and am particularly proud that our Improv Gym students have their own show too – Flock Improv! Theatre wise, The Monkey’s Paw looks really intriguing, and both Trans Penine and Being Frank from my friends at The Orangeworks Theatre are completely beautiful and have been getting rave reviews in Edinburgh.


How did you get into being a playwright / scriptwriter?

I’ve always loved writing, and during my first Drama degree I got really in to playwriting, so much so that I went on to study a Masters in the subject. Along the way I trained at the Royal Court Theatre and on a playwriting attachment at The Theatre Royal in Margate, and was lucky enough to have my plays produced across the new writing scene and in several professional commissions. Then…..I discovered improv and kind of gave my life over to it for a while! So right now it’s a wonderful thing to be able to be combining the two a little more!


It is also an immersive experience, tell us about that?

I’m completely in love with immersive theatre; I went to see Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man 9 times in a row! It’s the same feeling as doing improv for me – that sense of leaping in to the unknown, the delicious risk in discovering unusual things and different worlds! That’s what we’ve sought to create with ‘Left Behind’ (albeit without Punchdrunk’s substantial budget?!) – the audience are free to explore the space, and can touch, smell and interact with the story in unexpected and adventurous ways!


Tell us all about the cast?

We’ve been so lucky to recruit this fabulous cast! All have significant professional drama training, and have contributed so much in terms of characterisation and creativity. They’ve gelled incredibly well and work brilliantly as an ensemble to bring such an unconventional show to life! They are : Nicola Howard, Cameron Waghorn, Brendan Roberts and Reena Dusila

We’re also really grateful to our volunteer usher performers, ex Acting students of mine who have been a real asset; Honor Heward, Jack Holden and Ellie Robinson.


What is the future of Left Behind will it be touring?

Each project that we plan to do is unique and belongs to the particular space, so never say never, but right now, we don’t have touring plans! We do however have our next project already lined up, and it is even bigger, bolder and even more full of risks – can’t wait!


 If people want to find out more, where do they find you on social media?

Facebook : @looselywoven

Twitter : @LooselyWoven

Instagram :

Email :


Finally in three words why should people come?

Unique immersive fun!



Get Tickets by clicking here tickets

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