Forgotten Pop! – This Week – The Faders

Today we look at a Girl Band that you may not of heard of their name but if you watched teen films back in the early noughties then you will know their music for sure. The Faders were a pop rock band that were formed at the beginning of 2004. The group was made up of Molly Lorenne, Toy Valentine and Cherisse Osei.

The group signed to Polydor and their first single was released in 2005 and was called ‘No Sleep Tonight’. The song made the rounds on television and film sound tracks and was used in Veronica Mars, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Sugar Rush, She’s The Man, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Bratz: The Movie.  The song did really well in the charts as well and went in at number 13.

The band released a couple more singles which included the song Jump which went into the charts and number 21 and Look At Me Now that was released in 2006. In the same year as them releasing their third single they were dropped from their record label which they made fun of by wearing ‘Polygone’ tee-shirts. Later that year they announced on their MySpace that they had broken up. So whilst they have a small amount of time in the limelight their music is really catchy so lets have a look at their songs today.


No Sleep Tonight

Look At Me Now 

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