The Travel Book -Real Jardin Botanico de Madrid

Madrid is a vibrant capital city with some fantastic architecture, shops and areas of greenary. One of those places that you can really relax and enjoy when you are there is the Real Jardin Botanico de Madrid.

mad 2

The Botanico Garden is located right next to the Prado Museum on the Plaza de  Murills, so once you have finished in there you could go to this garden straight after. The Botanico is approximately 20 acres of land to explore. It was founded in the mid 1700s by King Ferdinand VI. It is divided into seven major outdoor sections including:

Terraza de Los Cuadros – Ornamental and medicinal plants
Terraza de Las Escuelas Botanicas – Taxonomic collection of plants
Terraza del Plano de La Flor – Collection of trees and shrubs

The tourist attraction is home to 90, 000 plants and flowers and up to 1,500 trees, I visited Real Jardin Botanico de Madrid in 2016 in the Peak of summer, where the heat was incredibly hot. We went here as it was one of the least busy tourist attractions and more importantly there was a lot of shade!


Even though I was struggling because of the intense hot weather, I actually really enjoyed this Botanico Garden as it was really interesting. So many unusual fuit and vegetables were growing so it was actually educational. I think this is a great little hidden treasure in Madrid and reccomend a visit.

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