Funny At The Fringe – REVIEW – Charlie Vero-Martin, Scrapbook

The room I am seeing Charlie Vero Martin in is dark and at the corner of the venue of Old Tolbooth, a quirky and cool venue at the edge of Edinburgh Centre that has a very Camden and street market vibe to it. When entering the theatre you are welcomed in by a jolly and really friendly Charlie who is really inviting and wants to talk to you to get to know her audience – this is a nice touch, being in a venue that is small means you can really add the personal touch to a show and this is what Charlie achieves.

This is a show that is focussed on history and right from the start it is evident that Charlie is a huge fan of the subject. The show is focussed on different areas and subjects of history and throughout these topics we are welcomed to a number of puppets and characters, oh didn’t i mention it before?

This is not your average stand up show – Charlie is part of an improv troupe called Glitch that work with puppets and it is evident this background as puppets are used from out to tell the audience about important facts from history. After each talk Charlie then becomes a character from time and does a monologue. The highlights is Jane Austen and Amelia earhart as she has really developed these characters, I felt that the Napolean wasnt as strong, its still good but in a different league compared to the other two.

This show is a fun filled hoot that is family friendly and also educational. The person I went with is really into history and felt that some areas could of gone more In depth and expanded on some areas. However I am not really that strong on history so I found it had the perfect balance of history and fun. I felt that for a family fun related show the history was the right balance to make it not all about well learning.

Whilst the stories about the wedding are not necessary, it sort of brings the whole show together. If you are looking for a fun little show with one of the nicest hosts around then go and see Charlie and forgive her for the noise of the venue that is not her fault.

RATING: **** 4 stars

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