Newcastle Improv Festival – REVIEW – The Dragprov Revue



I was full of anticipation as I arrived at the Alphabetti theatre in Newcastle to see The Dragprov Revue. I could tell that the audience had high expectations and were very willing to join in with the whole atmosphere judging from the amount of glitter and fabulousness on show (and that was just the Newcastle Improv Festival crew) !

The show started with the performers, Eaton Messe and Christian Adore, introducing themselves and immediately winning the hearts of the audience with their cheeky and incredibly likeable characters. They bounced off each other with cheeky remarks and witty comebacks which they then extended out to the enraptured audience .

Tonight was the turn of Freya, an acting student, who was brought on stage to be interviewed.  The pair made some excellent quips about the arts and  gave Freya the stage in a truly supportive way. They then sang a song for her, showing of their amazing musical talents and seamlessly intertwined all of the  information that Freya had shared. I glanced around the audience and every single person was smiling.

They then treated us to some brilliant scenes set in a shoe shop ( Freya’s Saturday job). Eaton Messe, switched between characters ( my favourites were Beefy Jake and The Dark Lord) with ease, using voice and physicality   whilst Christian Adore responded to each hilarious character and kept the scenes moving .

The show then moved onto a game show theme and with several audience suggestions it was time for Christian Adore to show off their fantastic voice.  The touching Dolly Parton number ‘Put Your Paste On My Bricks ‘ or was it ‘Cover My Bricks With Your Paste’( even a little moment like that was made hilarious  and  had the audience crying with laughter ) The song  title was then reworked in a variety of different styles – each of them expertly  handled and not only brilliantly funny, but pretty much perfect musically . This is a duo that really know their musicals !! The Hamilton style number was pretty awesome !!

The final part of the show was all about their own musical , which was of course created  completely from scratch only given the setting by an audience member – A vacuum!!!

Whilst this kind of suggestion might strike fear into less capable improvisers, I could see the look of excitement on Christian’s face as they set off into the story of a star , a black hole and a gas cloud called Sandra .I was hugely impressed by Eaton Messe’s knowledge of physics as well . They also very impressively reincorporated Freya’s fear of rejection as the theme.

A final note must mention the musician for the night – Jenni Winter, who I would never have guessed had not played with the duo before. I was blown away with her talent and skill at  providing the music for this show.

The entire show was hugely entertaining and I was in awe of the performers and how easily they flitted between songs and scenes. It is clear that this pair of performers are so in tune with each other ( both musically and metaphorically ) that they know exactly how and when to take focus and support each other. They are a true delight to watch! The Dragprov Revue are an act not to be missed.

Their immense talent shines from within and not just their fabulous glitter costumes.

A feelgood show full of frivolity , fun and of course fabulousness .

I will be seeing them again and I highly recommend you do  too.

Rating: ***** 5 stars

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