Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Deetah

Welcome to the article where we celebrate pop groups that you may of completely forgot about their music or may not of heard of them before and want to listen to something new! Today we look at a musician that had hits in the nineties – Deetah.

The name Deetah was a nickname for Claudita who was born in Chile but moved to Stockholm when she was a child due to the political turmoil in the country.

Her singing career launched with a group called Goldmine in the mid nineties and appeared on tracks by Tupac, Notorious B. I. G and Ophelie Winter.

She released her debut album called Deadly Cha Cha in 1998 there is not much information where it placed in the charts but it is the home of singles such as Relax (which reached number 11 in the charts) El Paraiso Rico (which reached number 39).

There is not much information about her apart from the fact that she appeared on Richard Blackwoods ‘1234 Get With The Wicked’ – so let’s celebrate her music today.


El Paraiso Rico





1234 Get With The Wicked 

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