Improv Diaries – Laugh Island Splash Lands At Guildford Fringe [Case Study: Good Morning Britain / Rock Choir ]

This week was a very busy one in the world of improv as I was back on the road again with City Impro to take Laugh Island to the small Isles of Guildford. It was only a Saturday night show but we all drove down on the Friday as we were staying in the countryside. When we got to the farmhouse (which I will how be calling the villa from now on, because its what we kept calling it and I know I will get my words confused) we were so shocked at how big the place was – it had a swimming pool, tennis courts, trampoline, huge outdoor seating area and a massive living room. It was like a mini mansion and we felt very excited to be living the high life as an improv group.


Our very own villa!

On Saturday morning we didn’t have to rush around like Brighton as Guildford is a lot more of a chilled out fringe, so we had breakfast, and myself and Jimmy directed a whole bunch of videos to be used for promotion material.

Around lunch we went down to Guildford Town centre to flyer and promote the show. It was a very different vibe compared to Brighton so it was difficult to connect with the majority of people on the streets. Near the end of flyering we went and watched the local Rock Choir led by Tom who did a lovely shout out to our show and even let us take the mic to promote it which was very nice of him.



Jimmy at work doing promo photo shoot at our  very own pool!


rock choir

Photo Credit: Paul Little

After all the leaflets were handed out we went back to the Villa and because it was so hot we all went in the pool to chill out and cool down. Once we felt refreshed it was all about rehearsal and running through the show for the new additions we had this time – Ant and Jimmy. Once we beaten dinner, done our make up it was time to head to the venue and get ready for the show.

This time the show was at the back of a pub called The Star Inn and whilst we thought we weren’t going to sell a lot we were very nearly sold out. The show had a walkway down the middle where you walk down to approach the stage and considering we do that at Punders show I loved it as it means that you can interact with the audience when you approach the stage.

This time I was given the endowment of being someone who is obsessed with UKIP and the Tory Party who loves murder television shows and films. Whilst this was a random combo I felt very strong playing it because I work in news and know what is relevant in politics so I felt right in my element. For the first time ever I wasn’t voted off half way through! It is so silly but it was such a great feeling.

It was another great show and I cannot wait to take it to Camden.


Guildford Laugh Island Cast


Case Study – Good Morning Britain & Rock choir

This week there was no second thought as to who was going to be the case study because it helped me with my character in the show. I love working as a Video Editor at Good Morning Britain and one thing that the show definitely does is it keeps you up to date with things that are happening in the world. The great thing about the show is that with the saturation of Brexit, they always come up with new ways to debate it as well as also focusing on the important news that is occurring.

When I was given a character to play that was a fan of Tories and Nigel Farage I found it super easy to create because we have so many politicians on the show that you learn all sides of an arguement. Also when you deal with politics alot you start to learn the quirks and characters of the politicians as well. These really helped me to create a character that no matter what the political views of the audience were, they could relate to what was being said and find it funny. Also with regulars such as Pierce and Maguire on the show they make even the most complicated politics simple so again I had that knowledge to fall back on.

I wanted to give an additional shout out to Rock Choir in Guilford because they were really supportive of us and the fact they let us take up part of their limited show time as well was very nice of them. They put on a great little set and their music was so entertaining and engaging.

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