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The Travel Book – Ponta Delgada, Azores

Today we are travelling to a city that is part of the Sao Miguel Island that is part of the Azores – Ponta Delgada. I visited this city when I was on a cruise to the Caribbean in 2013 and I remember the first thing that I remember thinking when I looked over to the town from the cruise ship was how pretty it was due to the pattern paving as it is all black and white chequers wherever you looked. As soon as you walk inland you are welcomed with the Portas da Cidade which is the Gates to the city and the decorative flooring around that really defines what you see a lot of when walking around the town.

ponta 2

The town has historical roots of being founded as a fishing village and in the seventeenth and eighteenth century the community started to grow and develop. Today, the town is known for its lively economic and cultural life with an extensive road that leads along the coastline.

You are probably wondering how you get to this wonderful little city – well, there are planes that fly there but a lot of them are not direct from the UK and you have to change in Portugal for a lot of them. A lot of cruises, especially those heading to the Caribbean tend to use this as a stop on their journeys but apart from those two options, it is not one of the easiest places to get to.

Websites say that the best way to explore the town is by foot and I couldn’t agree with that statement more. We did not have a full day in Ponta Delgada but in the time we were there we explored it by walking and there was lots of things to see – such as pineapples growing in random places, cool little streets and even a cool little botanical garden.

If for any reason you find yourself in the Azores, be sure to try and give this place a visit.

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