Improv Diaries – The Punders Eminem Gets His Rapping Moment…. [Case Study: Suki Webster Guest Speaker]

This week it was a very fun one for Punders HQ as it was show week! We had our Pun In The Sun show at Hoopla Impro at the Miller. We were all very excited about this show as we were all in the head set to play and put on a great show.

There was only one down side – torrential rain and train strikes meant that we were not as busy as normal. It was shame we were not full like usual but on the plus side our audience that had made the show were really awesome as they were so enthusiastic and energetic. They were an audience that were really up for participating and getting involved at every twist and turn! It was so much fun!

This month’s show was great – every game seems to have so much energy and it was reflected by the audiences reactions as they were laughing a lot. In this months show we tried a number of new games and all of them went so well.

The way we choose the winner we actually changed it this time because we wanted to give the audience more interaction as well as more competitiveness in the show so, we finished the show again with Survivor but used it as the way that the audience choose a winner. From testing it out this month we realised it worked really well and definitely going to use it in the future.


The winner of the night was Jake who not only had to do Survivor all by himself over again he then went straight into his winning song of Eminem and rapped! It was so much fun and great to see also how well our newest Punder has settled in. Jake has been part of our group now for about 3 months but he has really settled in and brought a lot of his own energy to the group which is so great to see. The ideas he is bringing to the table as well are really enthusiastic and creative and can’t wait to see where they take Punders as a whole.

It was such a fun evening. The great thing about this month’s show is that there was such a great vibe everywhere. The coaching we did with Suki a few months ago is really helping as we still always think about everything she told us to do – we stray away now from conflict and always create scenes of love. We are naturally now learning how to perform to our best ability on stage together.

Case Study: Suki Webster’s Guest Speaker

suki webster guest speaker

This week I saw Suki Webster return to London with her fantastic show Guest Speaker after a year of being a way. I absolutely adore watching Suki play as she is so good at what she does and everytime I see her live I always walk away learning a lot more about how to approach the stage. In her Guest Speaker show they performed a few of the short form games that we play on a regular basis so it was interesting to see how the professionals do it. Whilst we have altered and changed a lot of the games that they played but it was still interesting to see how they approached them.

There are many things that I loved about watching Suki and the first is her energy – she has so much of it and I loved the way that she introduced the team to improv and the way that she interacted with the audience. It was so different to everything I have seen and I really enjoyed the way she did it.

We play the game Pillars but we have completely altered the way it is played, however Suki had to do a solo version of the game with a member of the audience on stage filling in the words when she tapped them. The person that she called up on stage was not that great at participating as they wouldn’t come up with words and she really saved the show as she filled in the gaps, used his umms and ahhs as her inspiration and it became a fantastic scene.

I think if you get a chance to see Suki perform improv you have to see it – she is so great on stage and you can learn so much from her. Like I said everytime I see her I learn something new and really makes me think about improv.

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