The Single Sessions – Glimmer, Marianas Trench

Welcome the feature where we look at new singles coming onto the music scene. Today we look at the latest single by Marianas Trench – Glimmer


The song welcomes you with an electronic sound that sort of echoes that creates a sense of a haunting vibe. When the chorus kicks in there is these strong, heavy drums that compliment and sort of connote the emotion from the lyrics.

There is one thing that you will notice throughout this song is that music and motion go hand in hand and are complimented and heightened throughout. The lyric ‘can we forgive and forget’ is repeated at the end of the verses, it is emphasised by the musical tone changing underneath to a more melodic rhythm which emphasises again the emotion connected to these lyrics. The verses are also finished with heavy breathing to again emphasise the word breath which is really effective.

The chorus is something that we have to talk about as the lyrics again are reflected in the overall music tone and changes style yet again.

“Like a thunderclap, you can burn too bright” is one of the lyrics and if you look at these you can understand why the music becomes more dramatic. Throughout the chorus there is a piano playing and this creates a haunting theme which reflects both what the album is about and also the music video.

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