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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Precious

Today we look at a girl band that broke up in 2000 and was only around for two years – even though they disbanded some of the group have gone onto have careers in the Television and music industry. Welcome to the world of Precious.

Precious was formed in 1998 by friends Sophie McDonell and Jenny Foust. They knew that they wanted to be a girl band and so they set up auditions to find the rest of the group and discovered Anya, Kath and Louise.

The group was chosen to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest with the Song – Say It Again. Even though the song only reached 12th in the competition, it proved popular with fans and led them to being signed to the record label EMI. Whilst it only placed 12th in the Eurovision it did a lot better at home and went in a number 6.

They went onto release their second single in March 2000 which was called Rewind and it reached number 11. The third single was called It’s Gonna Be My Way and sadly it only reached number 27. The song that was set to be their last single was called New Beginning but it did not place in the charts.

In November of 2000 they released their debut album called Precious. The album had 12 tracks on it including a song called ‘I Count Minutes’ which was originally recorded by Ricky Martin. The album sold less then 600 copies which meant that the band were dropped by their record label.

Some of the girls however have gone on to have really successful careers. Jenny replaced Kerry Katona in Atomic Kitten, Anya went back to modelling and Louise became an actress.

So lets have a look at some of their music today.

Say It Again 



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