The Games That Time Forgot – Mary-Kate & Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall, Playstation One

Today we look at a game that is so nineties that you will either remember it with open arms or hate it because it was so bad! Back at the end of the nineties Mary Kate and Ashley were everywhere – they had their own television show, their own films, pretty much a lot of content that you could not go anywhere without seeing their names. I do not think that they were as big in the United Kingdom bit in the States they were everywhere and they even went and released a few computer games including Mary-Kate & Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall.

Mary-Kate & Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall was released on the Playstation One in 2000 and was the fourth game in the series of video games. The game was published by Club Acclaim and developed by n-Space Tantalus.

The game was based around the concept that the shopping mall that has been cursed when Mary and Kate buy a necklace with missing gems on it.  The necklace freezes the mall and everything has completely changed and gone wrong. The aim of the game is to try and save the shopping mall by replacing everything and putting it back the way that it was.

To save the mall you have to visit five stores and play a number of mini games and when you win one of these you end up reclaiming one of the gems from the necklace. If you complete the game (which apparently is difficult) you get to see the moment Mary-Kate and Ashley High Five!

The game received a lot of negative reviews as the graphics were really bad and the game was difficult to play. However a lot in the series had a negative review due to this.

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