Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – A Month Of Pairs Special Edition – Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson

This month we are celebrating the world of pairs on the Phoenix Remix – so over the next few weeks we are going to explore the world of forgotten duos – some you may of even forgotten existed and some you will questions as to why they even happened!

12When I saw that this duo even existed I had to double take as I didn’t believe it was such a thing at first. After reading many articles, it became clear that this song is hated by many so it was probably hidden by a lot of channels refusing to play it.

We are heading to the early nineties again this week to visit the world of the duet by Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy. ‘Whatzupwitu’ was released in 1993 and was featured on Eddie Murphy’s third studio album called Love’s Alright. Michael Jackson became involved in the song because he liked the positive message the lyrics had.

The music video was noted for its computer graphics and animation that was inspired by the album cover. The single did badly internationally – it only reached 74 in the US, 88 in Australia and 36 in France.

in 1999 viewers of MTV voted it the third worst video of all time and due to that, the channel permanently retired it from playing the video.  So, lets have a look at this video today.


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