Tidbits With David Escobedo

This is a series by David Escobedo that offers a simplified perspective on three basic or small elements of improv. There are surely ways to deconstruct and find exceptions. It would be hard to find anything in improv that operates universally. These are offered as one perspective that may help some people, and are just tips of the iceberg when it comes to the concepts.


Once you’ve found the game or your character’s strong point of view it’s good to let it rest or go neutral, and then come back at it again.  It adds strength to your game/POV and allows you to add depth.


Women are three times as likely to be interrupted on stage as men.  Don’t interrupt anybody.

Interrupting is a sign you are not listening in the first place.


When you do a bit and it hits, it will hit less every single time unless you up the stakes or context.  Something that is repetitive eventually becomes white noise. If you repeat it too much, it becomes obvious to the audience that you’re frantic for laughs.


Mistakes are GIFs,

-David Escobedo-

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