Tidbits With David Escobedo

This is a series by David Escobedo that offers a simplified perspective on three basic or small elements of improv. There are surely ways to deconstruct and find exceptions. It would be hard to find anything in improv that operates universally. These are offered as one perspective that may help some people, and are just tips of the iceberg when it comes to the concepts.


Pulling information from the entire offer. This includes how it’s phrased and the intensity, not just the cerebral text.

Every sentence is a brick in the story not the set up for a punchline.



If you are judging the offer of your scene partner you are stuck in your head.  A stronger move is to respond emotionally or invest even deeper into the relationship.

It’s also a reaction of fear.

Trust not only your scene partner, but your own ability.*


Be simple in your offer to your scene partner.  They are always a beat behind you. This is because not only are they interpreting your offer, they are trying to justify it within the context.

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*unless the offer makes you uncomfortable or is offensive. You have every right to stop a scene.

Mistakes are GIFs,

-David Escobedo-

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