The Games That Time Forgot – Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, Gamecube

DDR_Mario_MixIf there is a craze in computer games then there will always be a parody version released by an iconic computer game franchise and that is especially what Mario did.

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix was released on the GameCube in 2005 and was published by Nintendo and Developed by Konami. The game was a music video based concept where you would basically dance to a number of different songs that were relevant to the Mario World of games. Some of the songs available include Here We Go! From Super Mario Bros, Underground Mozart from Mario Bros, Fishing Frenzy from Yoshi’s Cookie and Jump! Jump! Jump! from Super Mario Bros 3 just to name a few.

The game features all the Characters from the Mario universe that you can choose to play as. You can also choose to play either single player or multiplayer as well. To play the game you needed to have a dance pad controller. The game received relatively positive reviews and on average the ratings were around 7 out of 10

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