30 Best Songs of 2018 Part 2

It has come to the point of the year when we celebrate all things music and take a look back on the year and what songs that it has provided us with. This year has been the year of the comeback, so many artists have returned to the music scene and have had huge hit singles in doing so. Today we have a look at the second ten in our list of greatest songs of 2018.

11 Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Backstreet Boys

It has been a big year for BSB, with a Grammy nomination announced recently, a Las Vegas residency and a huge worldwide tour in 2019. This was the first song that they released this year and it did really well. This is considered their ‘comeback’ single as it is the first time they have charted in the top 40 since the song Inconsolable.

12 I Like It –  Cardi B

If there is one person that has been in the media a lot this year, especially in America, then it is Cardi B. Whether it is releasing new music, or her constant feud with Nicki Minaj this has been the year of Cardi B. The song became Cardi Bs second number one and it went down in the history books at the first female rapper ever to do that in the charts. The song also received a nomination at the Grammy awards.

13 3am – You Me At Six

Another British Rock band that returned this year was You Me At Six with their sixth studio album, VI. The only official single from this album was the song 3AM and it was released on the 8th of June. The music video is influenced by the film Wolf of Wallstreet.

14 Chun -Li  – Nicki Minaj

Another rapper that has had a good year is Nicki Minaj – although she has been in feuds with Cardi B she has still managed to release some great tracks this year. Chun-Li was released off of her album Queen and was the lead single from it. The single is named after the Street Fighter character with the same name. The song ended up being Nicki Minaj’s sixth single to reach the top 10 in America.

15 Birthday – All Time Low

It wouldn’t be a new year without All Time Low releasing new music and whilst they are yet to announce a new album, the songs that they have released this year have been pretty fu! Birthday is a fun little song that was released halfway through the year

16 Gold Rush – Death Cab For Cutie

This year Death Cab For Cutie released their ninth studio album and Gold Rush was one of the singles off of the track. The song was originally a demo that they planned to scrap however a producer came up with the idea of combining two demos together to make a song and Gold Rush was born.

17 Venom – Eminem

This has been a year of lots of tracks being released especially for Films and this was one of the catchiest songs that were released. It was to run alongside the release of the Tom Hardy film of the same name and even though the film was met with negative reviews, the song was welcomed with positive ones.

18 Moves – Olly Murs feat Snoop Dogg

This year Olly Murs returned to the music industry with both new music and a brand new album. There is only one way to really return to the music industry these days and that is to release a song written by Ed Sheeran and that is exactly what Olly did.

19 Machine – Imagine Dragons

In November, Imagine Dragons released their fourth studio album called Origins and one of the songs to be released from it was none other then the song Machine. The song lyrics are about living outside the box that people put you into.

20 Woman like Me – Little Mix

In the world of when the women is claiming back power, it would only make sense that Little Mix would release an empowering song. The track has been written by, yup you guessed it Ed Sheer and also Jess Glyne. The song features Nicki Minaj as well.

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