Forgotten Pop! – This Week – No Secrets

Today we look at a British Girl group that was formed around the time that there was an in flux of these sort of groups on the pop scene. No Secrets were formed in 2000 and were signed to Sony Music, they were made up of Angel Faith, Carly Lewis, Erin Tanner, Jessica Fried and Jade Ryusaki. Carly’s father was a music producer and he was the one that formed them.

The group started working on their music straight away in the studio and worked on it months on end. However in between creating the music they took a break so that they could tour appear as the backing vocals for the Aaron Carter song Oh Aaron as well as appearing on another one of his songs that was called Stride (Jump on the Fizzy). Before they even released their first official single, they filmed their first video that was available on VHS and DVD that was called No Secrets – Getting To know Us.

They released their debut album which was called No Secrets and their debut single – Kids In America which ended up being featured on the soundtrack for the 2001 film Jimmy Neutron. They also released a second single from the album which was called That’s What Girls Do which ended up on the soundtrack for the film The Hot Chick. The album was welcomed with a lot of negative reviews and only charted at 136 on the Billboard 200.

Throughout their career they featured on the DisneyMania album singing a cover of Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid. Angel who was one of the lead singers of the band left the group just before their second album was about to be released which was titled Friends Forever. Even though Faith had left she still appears on the album artwork because it was too near the release date that they couldn’t change it.

The group recorded a cover of the Sleeping Beauty song Once Upon (Another) Dream and then went on to break up in 2005. So lets have a look at their musical career today!

Oh Aaron 

That’s What Girls Do

Kids In America 

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