That Time At Christmas When – The Christmas Concert Was A Big Thing…

When I was at school I used to enjoy being part of the Christmas Concerts – I used to like performing in them but also I liked the fact you got to miss out on a few lessons here and there as well for the rehearsals. The thing I used to like about the carol concert at high school was that you were taken out of school for the whole day for I think it was two days to rehearse the whole show in its entirety .

The chairs were really uncomfortable but everytime I was part of it I was positioned near some of the popular guy sin school and because they were away from their normal social crowd we used to have a right laugh with them and a lot of ‘banter’ as I can’t think of another way to describe it. I used to keep a diary at school and well documented everyday and even reading it back now I have really clear images of sitting there trying to hold back laughter all the time. Also we were on the back row so we always go away with everything.

I don’t remember much about the actual show to the parents apart from the fact that it felt very long and that the church was really cold. Also by that point you had had enough of sitting on the benches as they were really uncomfortable.

In Primary school, I remember that we did a couple of Nativity plays – i cannot remember all of them but I do have a distant memory of that I was meant to be Mary and my family forgot and halfway through the show they had to ask the audience where Mary was!

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