Off The Record – 2018 Album Special – Man Of The Woods, Justin Timberlake

It is coming to the end of the year which means that we are going to start looking at some of the albums that have been released over the past 12 months. Just like the regular version of this article we are only going to look at album tracks. Some we have mentioned in snippets before or even reviewed but some we haven’t even mentioned! Some we will not mention as we have done Off The Record articles on them recently. Today we look at an album that was released in February of this year – Man Of The Woods, Justin Timberlake. 

Midnight Summer Jam

This is a really addictive piece of music magic with a huge Justin Timberlake twist to it that embed his original styles and this new fresh take. The one thing that really heightens this song is the harmonica that intertwines throughout the song.


Whilst it may not be one of the strongest songs on the album, it is one to really highlight as a stand out track as it’s very different to other songs. It has a unique style and the guitar really is a highlight factor.

Say Something

This song is a duet and is probably the one that started the rumours that it was going to be a country album. It is a really catchy song and one that really needs to be listened to as it is different to a lot of JT music. It was a single but it is still worth highlighting as I don’t think it was officially out of the USA.


This song is catchy and has a really good and strong beat to it. It is one of those songs that has a melody that will get stuck in your head.

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