Today we look at a band that released music around the turn of the decade and even had line up issues only 24 hours before they were about to release a single. I am afraid there is not a lot of information on this group as they are hidden in the archive folders – today we look at the musical world of the girl group Ladies First.

Ladies First was made up of Leanne (who was also known as DJ Precious) Mel and Sasha. Their first single that was released was called Messin’ and this is when disaster struck – member Leanne left the band just 24 hours before.

The single debuted in the charts at number 30 and sadly it flew out of the charts pretty much straight away. They went on as a duo though and released the single I Can’t Wait which sadly didn’t make it into the charts at all and this lead them to be dropped from their label. So whilst there may not be loads of information about the group, lets spend today celebrating them.




I Can’t Wait