The Travel Book – Central Park, New York City

If you find yourself in New York City, there is of course one place YOU HAVE TO visit. It is one of the main tourist attractions in the city and it is in so many films and television shows that if you do not visit then it is a shame – firstly because it is so iconic and secondly it is so huge that it is really hard to miss. Today we look at Central Park and it really is a wonderful place.


Central Park is pretty much the centre of New York City, it is the fifth largest park in New York City and covers a whopping 843 acres. It is the most visited urban park in the whole of the United States of America and approximately 4o million visitors visit annually. It is also one of the most filmed locations in the world – I am sitting here and can already name so many films that roll off the tongue – Home Alone 2, Big Daddy, Maid In Manhattan, Serendipity just to name a few.


The park was created in 1857 and it is operated by the Central Park Conservancy. The Park is home to many different attractions that you many want to visit if you go to the park – this includes the zoo, Fort Clinton, Carousel, Lasker Rink, McGowens Pass, Metropolitan Museum of Art plus so much more. If you are in the city and you want a really good walk, then trust me this is the place to go. When I lived in NYC I easily walked a good 5 miles without even realising it. It really is one of the best places in the city, especially if you want to escape it, there are so many places that are peaceful.

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