Improv Diaries – Hopping and Musical Silence… [Case Study – The Kid, Charlie Chaplin ]

This week was  one of my favourite weeks for improv for a very long time – not that I haven’t enjoyed a lot of our latest stuff that we have been doing (because I very much have) but this week we came up with a short form game that has become one of my instant favourites because it has combined two of my favourite things – comedy and music.

This week we started off with a plan of action – to look at the way that we are marketing ourselves and where we want to go moving forward as we have quite a few shows coming up in the next couple of months that need a lot of promotion. Once that was done, it was down to business as usual.

We didn’t do any warms ups as such and just delved straight into the world of silliness and fun. To get us ‘warmed up’ we did the game which is all questions and then only statements finished off with not saying words that have a T in them. To pay us back for the missing out a letter game, james made Yiannis and I do a scene where had to hop non stop throughout the whole scene – to be honest it was not as bad as I thought and quite fun to play (until you land on your foot a bit funny).

Then we picked off from where we left it last week, exploring scenes with no dialogue. We tried it this week with music to see the difference into what the audio can make to a scene. I downloaded a lot of music from the 1920s as I felt that it was the best thing to start off with to try and see if it worked.The best thing about it is that it worked really well and we moulded it into a game that works well for our type of improv.

After a few tries of this we then went and revisited some of our newest games to start working on what would work better in a show environment. The main focus was trying to really push the limit in the games and bring the emotions to a completely different level then we have before to really heighten the games and it really worked. It has been a really fun week for improv and I look forward to next week!

Case Study – Charlie Chaplin The Kid 

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 12.08.42

This week was all about the music in silent films and I thought this week I would dedicated the case study to a Charlie Chaplin film. I have seen pretty much all of his famous films and this one was one of the last ones that I saw.

This week I put some of the music from The Kid into our playlist so to see how real time classics actually would work in an improv environment. It was on a playlist and so it was all random as to what ones popped up but some of the Charlie Chapin music worked a treat. It was really fun seeing how an old school classic that I have watched with the original format, worked in a modern different comedy format.

I feel that this is sometimes a really good experience to do in comedy – combining the old and the new because it gives you a real insight that old comedy can still be just as funny as the modern.

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