The Games That Time Forgot – Policenauts, PlayStation 1

Today we look at a computer game that was welcomed with lots of raving reviews including one that said it had one of the best storylines for a game ever. Today we look at Policenauts.


Policenauts was released in 1996 on the PlayStation One and was produced by Arkihiko Nagata and both developed and produced by Konkani. The computer game was a graphic adventure that was based on a hard science fiction. The story focuses around five Policenauts who are astronauts with police training. In this narrative they are protecting the safety of Beyond Coast who are a fully functional space colony in 2013.

The story has a lot to it so it’s probably best to play the game to really engage in the gameplay. The game is set in first person perspective and is based like a point and click game. Throughout the game you use this function to explore your environments. The game is based around a space exploration and throughout the game there are many elements such as shooting, puzzles and much more.

The game has been classed as a true classic and the producer even left lots of promotion in the game that followed after, Metal Gear Solid. The game was also recognised for being one of the early games of extensive voice recording in video games.

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