Taste Of States – This Week – Mustard Pizza

Welcome To Taste of States a place where we celebrate the weird and wonderful food of the United States of America. This can be everything from the snacks that are available for a limited time to the foods that are classic traditions at events such as Christmas and Thanksgiving! Each week we will explore the facts and the history surrounding a different food.

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mustard pizza

It is a debate that is diving Americans at the moment but it is also a fad a the same time in New York City. There is a restaurant called Lions & Tigers & Squares which is a pizzeria in NYC that offers customers the opportunity to swap out the standard base flavourings on pizza for mustard.

The predominant pizza at hand is a mustard base with a topping of cheese, corned beef and sauerkraut. This simple thing of putting mustard on the base has caused absolute controversy on the internet and went viral with many people objecting to the idea of having the sauce on them. It even opened up a debate by Heinz that people have also used ketchup on bases and started a poll.

The mustard pizza came around as an idea that Francis Garcia and Sal Basille came up with then they opened their new restaurant  Lions & Tigers & Squares in May 2018.  The restaurant produces Detroit style pizzas, which mean that they are all deep dish and full of lots of cheese.

So what is your opinion on mustard pizza? I personally would love to try it because mustard and cheese compliment each other so well.

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