Improv Diaries – Lots Of Shows, Improv Towers and Birthdays…. [Case Study: Liam Brennan]

This week there has been a lot of improv involved because we have had a lot of rehearsals and not one but TWO shows. We started the week by having the normal rehearsal but like all weeks before the big show we also had two rehearsals.

We used the first rehearsal to just have a casual run through to see if everything was in working order. The second rehearsal that we had in the week we sort of used as what we called in TV a ‘dry run’ using all the production values that you would do in a television show before it is actually filmed to get used to all of the kinks and what needs to be changed or adjusted to make sure that it works well on the night.

The first show that we did this week was a short set at the Hoopla Impro Pre-Party – we used this show to try out a few games that we wanted to play in front of an audience to see how they responded and what we may need to alter for the main show. Luckily the actual games we felt we didn’t need to change much just maybe staging.

The last show this week was none other then our very own hosted night called Improv Towers: The Improvised Game Show, Birthday Bonanza. It was a show that started at 7:30pm and ended just before 10 that also had a number of guests doing sets including Classic Andy, Dirty White Boys and B.R.A. In the entire show we played approx 9 games all different varieties of short form games to sort of display a wide range of content that we have.

A lot of the games that we played are ones that we have not really performed in a real show before so we wanted to really give old audience members new content and new audience members a fun show.


The show went really well and we got a really great response from the audience and for the second time running we had a nearly full house which is so great to see! It was a really fun night but like every huge show it can completely shatter you out for the next few days or so !

Case Study – Liam Brennan

I always enjoy the pre-party shows as it means that you come across new shows and troupes every time. Now not every troupe is made up of new improvisers and one of them was made up of a well established improviser on the scene who is also a Hoopla Teacher – Liam Brennan. He was performing as part of a twoprov troupe that was all about improvised sketch comedy.

Now, the one thing that I enjoy about watching Liam improvise is he is very good at utilising the stage around and making sure that a narrative and a world is built up around him, bringing the audience into believing that everything he does is true and exists.

This was great seeing Liam perform before our big show this week because it means that it made me really think about every scene that I did. I kept trying to make sure that I was building up a world around us because even in short form, this is a really important thing to do. Just the little things as working on a blackboard and rubbing a line of created so much humour in a single scene and it is really great fun to remember the little things.

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