Improv Diaries – Dogs, Two Weeks To Go and Actions Speak Louder Then Words [Case Study – Tony Hawk]

This week we are only two weeks away from our big show at the Hoopla Impro at The Miller, so it means full speed ahead in preparing and getting ready for the show. The exciting thing is we have tickets online where people can reserve a seat in advance and because it is the birthday show people who do this get a birthday goody bag and they have nearly sold out which is so exciting! This means that we know that we will definitely have have the room full even if noone else turns up (which obviously we are hoping they will!) Before rehearsal this week I went and put all the posters up around the venue so that we can fully promote the show.

This week we had a proper run through of the set list and made sure that we all know what everyone is doing so that we have two more rehearsals to iron out the kinks and get it ready for the show on the Saturday. The one thing that was most important about this week was to listen to James as he is stepping into the role of Director as he cannot be there for the real show. This does not mean that we are not including him in the main show – no infact he is becoming a main part of it.

This week was really fun as we finally have the teams in place and started to play the games to see what we can do for the production values. There are a lot of things that we need to focus on such as how to set up a game to make sure it looks right on the stage and also how to approach each of the games etc.

Some of the games that we are planning to play we have realised work better with more physical elements then focus on words – an example of this is the game Survivor – this week we made it all about the physical aspect and it worked so well (even if I did act like a dog and scuff my new shoes. ) We also realised that some games work better if you focus on the activity as an afterthought and not as the main part of the game.

It was a real fun night and we learnt a lot and I am hoping that after next weeks rehearsals we will be ready for our show! Which I still can’t believe is so close!

Case Study – Tony Hawks 

The one thing that I find refreshing as a short form improviser is when you get an audience member involved in improv when they have never done it before. The other week my friend joined us for improv and I found it so fun seeing him pick up the basics of comedy format really quickly and really going for it in games.

This week I came across a video on social media of professional skateboarder Tony Hawk on the television show Whose Line Is It Anyway. Wayne Brady made a song up about him whilst Tony Hawk did kick flips and manuals and then there is another slip of him taking part in Helping Hands.

This sort of relates to improv this week, sometimes approaching a game that you play on a regular basis can still be new to play if you approach them in a different way. The best way to do this is take a step back, maybe put some new faces in different positions and see how they work!

I really enjoyed watching the clips of Tony Hawks on Whose Line because it just reminds you that anyone can improvise and make something funny.

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