The Games That Time Forgot – Jersey Devil, Playstation 1

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 09.12.12Today we look at a 3D game that was released on the Playstation One. Jersey Devil was released in 1997 and was designed by Megatoon Studios and Published by Ocean Software. The aim of the game is to stop Dr Knarf and his army or mutated and evil vegetables and monsters taking over the world.

You play as a character named Jersey Devil who is a character that is sort of bat like. The aim of the game is to go through the levels and collect letters of Knarf’s name. You can only complete that level once you find all of the letters. Throughout the game you have many abilities that you can use throughout the level including being able to jump, punch and even glide.

When this game was announced there was a bidding war for Jersey Devil because there was lots of hype that is was going to be as big as Crash Bandicoot and was set to be its top rival. However the final game and reviews lead to this not being the case.

The game received a variety of reviews with criticism being aimed at the camera and the graphics throughout the game. There was however praise given to this game and this was predominantly at the orchestral score that ran underneath it.

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